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    In README tell about monitoring. · 1ebaeba9
    ulif authored
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    Install also `ansible` on BBB hosts. · 7c8c6238
    ulif authored
    We would like to deploy ansible instead of simple shell scripts for
    configuring local installs. This might improve maintability of changed
    configurations after updates and the like. Main improvement is the
    idempotency of ansible scripts. Thus we can run configuration updates
    multiple times without messing up everything.
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    Make apply-config.sh run ansible. · 09f65c83
    ulif authored
    The new hosts.local inventory file acts as a replacement for the regular
    ansible inventory. It is meant to be used on BBB nodes that want to
    update local BBB config. With `hosts.local` we can put the local host
    into groups.
......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ Wir administrieren mit diesen Skripten unsere eigenen BigBlueButton-Server.
* Wir benutzen keinen SSH-Root-Zugriff auf die Server
* Sicherstellen, dass man sich als gewöhnliche Userin mit SSH-Key mit dem Server verbinden kann und dort `sudo`-Rechte hat
* Wir benutzen nur `greenlight`, kein `Moodle`.
* Zum Monitoring benutzen wir munin auf einem externen Server und munin-node auf den BBBs.
## Under Construction
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
# ansible-playbook --connection=local -i, path/to/bbb-apply-config.yml
- name: Apply local BBB configuration
hosts: all
hosts: bigbluebutton
become: yes
- name: We are alive
......@@ -16,3 +16,8 @@ yq w -i $HTML5_CONFIG public.kurento.cameraProfiles.[0].default true
yq w -i $HTML5_CONFIG public.kurento.cameraProfiles.[1].default false
yq w -i $HTML5_CONFIG public.kurento.cameraProfiles.[2].default false
yq w -i $HTML5_CONFIG public.kurento.cameraProfiles.[3].default false
ansible-playbook \
--connection=local \
-i "/root/bbb-ansible/hosts.local" \
# Apply Digitalcourage specific configurations for BBB
- set_fact: hostname="{{ ansible_nodename }}"
- set_fact: domainname="{{ ansible_domain }}"
- set_fact: bbbfqdn="{{ ansible_fqdn }}"
- set_fact:
hostname: "{{ ansible_nodename }}"
domainname: "{{ ansible_domain }}"
bbbfqdn: "{{ ansible_fqdn }}"
- name: Activate ansible PPA
repo: "ppa:ansible/ansible"
state: present
- name: Install ansible
name: ['ansible']
state: present
- name: Fetch installation and configuration scripts
repo: "https://gitlab.digitalcourage.de/ulif/bbb-dc-ansible"
dest: "/root/bbb-ansible"
clone: yes
update: yes
- name: Copy apply-config.sh to /etc/bigbluebutton/bbb-conf/apply-config.sh on target