Commit e106de3b authored by ulif's avatar ulif 🐻

Fix graph config of munin node plugin.

Do not stack attendees on stream numbers.
parent 918a3a0a
......@@ -81,14 +81,13 @@ if "autoconf" in sys.argv:
elif "config" in sys.argv:
print("graph_order attendees listeners voice video meetings ")
print("graph_order listeners voice video meetings attendees")
print("graph_title BigBlueButton conferences")
print("graph_args --base 1000 -l 0")
print("graph_category system")
print("attendees.label attendees")
print("attendees.type GAUGE")
print(" Number of attendees")
print("attendees.draw AREA")
print("meetings.label meetings")
print("meetings.type GAUGE")
print(" Number of active conferences")
......@@ -103,7 +102,7 @@ elif "config" in sys.argv:
print("listeners.label listeners")
print("listeners.type GAUGE")
print(" Number of listening attendees")
print("listeners.draw STACK")
print("listeners.draw AREA")
print("meetings.value %s" % numMeetings)
print("attendees.value %s" % numAttendees)
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