Commit c33b5efd authored by ulif's avatar ulif 🐻

Fix data type of munin graphs.

Use GAUGE instead of DERIVE. See
for details.
parent bff21160
......@@ -68,13 +68,13 @@ for m in meetings:
p = m.getElementsByTagName("bbb-origin-server-name")[0]
numMeetings += 1
p = m.getElementsByTagName("participantCount")[0]
numAttendees += int(p.firstChild.wholeText)
numAttendees += int(p.firstChild.wholeText)
p = m.getElementsByTagName("listenerCount")[0]
numListeners += int(p.firstChild.wholeText)
numListeners += int(p.firstChild.wholeText)
p = m.getElementsByTagName("voiceParticipantCount")[0]
numWithVoice += int(p.firstChild.wholeText)
numWithVoice += int(p.firstChild.wholeText)
p = m.getElementsByTagName("videoCount")[0]
numWithVideo += int(p.firstChild.wholeText)
numWithVideo += int(p.firstChild.wholeText)
if "autoconf" in sys.argv:
......@@ -86,22 +86,22 @@ elif "config" in sys.argv:
print("graph_args --base 1000 -l 0")
print("graph_category system")
print("attendees.label attendees")
print("attendees.type DERIVE")
print("attendees.type GAUGE")
print(" Number of attendees")
print("attendees.draw AREA")
print("meetings.label meetings")
print("meetings.type DERIVE")
print("meetings.type GAUGE")
print(" Number of active conferences")
print("video.label video")
print("video.type DERIVE")
print("video.type GAUGE")
print(" Number of video streams")
print("video.draw STACK")
print("voice.label voice")
print("voice.type DERIVE")
print("voice.type GAUGE")
print(" Number of voice streams")
print("voice.draw STACK")
print("listeners.label listeners")
print("listeners.type DERIVE")
print("listeners.type GAUGE")
print(" Number of listening attendees")
print("listeners.draw STACK")
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