Commit 6e65ec54 authored by ulif's avatar ulif 🐻

Add role `configure-bbb`.

Set config values specific for digitalcourage and store them so that
they are reapplied after upgrades etc.

Currently we set only the default video resolutions, we offer to
parent f6ced63f
# Pull in the helper functions for configuring BigBlueButton
source /etc/bigbluebutton/bbb-conf/
ufw allow 6556
echo " - Setting camera defaults"
yq w -i $HTML5_CONFIG public.kurento.cameraProfiles.[0].bitrate 50
yq w -i $HTML5_CONFIG public.kurento.cameraProfiles.[1].bitrate 100
yq w -i $HTML5_CONFIG public.kurento.cameraProfiles.[2].bitrate 200
yq w -i $HTML5_CONFIG public.kurento.cameraProfiles.[3].bitrate 300
yq w -i $HTML5_CONFIG public.kurento.cameraProfiles.[0].default true
yq w -i $HTML5_CONFIG public.kurento.cameraProfiles.[1].default false
yq w -i $HTML5_CONFIG public.kurento.cameraProfiles.[2].default false
yq w -i $HTML5_CONFIG public.kurento.cameraProfiles.[3].default false
- name: Restart BBB
command: bbb-conf --restart
# Apply Digitalcourage specific configurations for BBB
- set_fact: hostname="{{ ansible_nodename }}"
- set_fact: domainname="{{ ansible_domain }}"
- set_fact: bbbfqdn="{{ ansible_fqdn }}"
- name: Copy to /etc/bigbluebutton/bbb-conf/ on target
src: files/
dest: /etc/bigbluebutton/bbb-conf/
owner: root
group: root
mode: 0755
notify: Restart BBB
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