Commit 09f65c83 authored by ulif's avatar ulif 🐻

Make run ansible.

The new hosts.local inventory file acts as a replacement for the regular
ansible inventory. It is meant to be used on BBB nodes that want to
update local BBB config. With `hosts.local` we can put the local host
into groups.
parent 7c8c6238
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
# ansible-playbook --connection=local -i, path/to/bbb-apply-config.yml
- name: Apply local BBB configuration
hosts: all
hosts: bigbluebutton
become: yes
- name: We are alive
......@@ -16,3 +16,8 @@ yq w -i $HTML5_CONFIG public.kurento.cameraProfiles.[0].default true
yq w -i $HTML5_CONFIG public.kurento.cameraProfiles.[1].default false
yq w -i $HTML5_CONFIG public.kurento.cameraProfiles.[2].default false
yq w -i $HTML5_CONFIG public.kurento.cameraProfiles.[3].default false
ansible-playbook \
--connection=local \
-i "/root/bbb-ansible/hosts.local" \
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