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A set of Unix tools implemented in pure Python
:Author: Hartmut Goebel <>
:Version: Version 0.0.1
:Copyright: GNU Public Licence v3 (GPLv3)
These tools are currently only meant as supplement to be able to use
distutils's sdist_tar, sdist_bztar and sdist_gztar on Windows/Wine.
Thus they currently only support the flags required by distutils.
But perhaps this will grow. Feel free to enhance.
For more information please refer to the manpage or visit
the `project homepage <>`_.
``python-unixtools`` requires
* Python 2.3 (tested with 2.5, but other versions should work, too),
* setuptools for installation (see below).
Installation Requirements
``python-unixtools`` uses setuptools for installation. Thus you need
* network access, so the install script will automatically download
and install setuptools if they are not already installed
* the correct version of setuptools preinstalled using the
`EasyInstall installation instructions
Those instructions also have tips for dealing with firewalls as well
as how to manually download and install setuptools.
Install ``python-unixtools`` by just running::
python ./ install
Custom Installation Locations
For installing to a custom location, use:
# install to /usr/local/bin
python ./ install --prefix /usr/local
# install to your Home directory (~/bin)
python ./ install --home ~
For more information about Custom Installation Locations please refer
to the `Custom Installation Locations Instructions
before installing ``python-unixtools``.
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