Verified Commit ee93207a authored by Hartmut Goebel's avatar Hartmut Goebel
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gnu: Add milou.

* gnu/packages/kde-plasma.scm(milou): New variable.
parent 579ef130
......@@ -799,3 +799,39 @@ them.")
(description "Kwrited captures console output (e.g. broadcast messages)
and prints it in a X window.")
(license license:gpl2+)))
(define-public milou
(name "milou")
(version "5.13.5")
(method url-fetch)
(uri (string-append "mirror://kde/stable/plasma/" version
"/milou-" version ".tar.xz"))
(base32 "0rhgj10l2iik1mgnv2bixxqjyc3pl731bs1bqz9gsa3wiazspwrv"))))
(properties `((tags . '("Desktop" "KDE" "Plasma"))))
(build-system cmake-build-system)
;; TOOO: warnings during generation of metainfo for org.kde.milou: Package
;; type "Plasma/Applet" not found
`(("extra-cmake-modules" ,extra-cmake-modules)))
`(("kcoreaddons" ,kcoreaddons)
("kdeclarative" ,kdeclarative)
("kwindowsystem" ,kwindowsystem)
("ki18n" ,ki18n)
("krunner" ,krunner)
("kservice" ,kservice)
("plasma-framework" ,plasma-framework)
("qtbase" ,qtbase)
("qtdeclarative" ,qtdeclarative)
("qtscript" ,qtscript)
("qtbase" ,qtbase)))
(home-page "")
(synopsis "Dedicated search plasmoid built on top of Baloo")
(description "Milou can also be used as an alternative to KRunner, and
does provide application launching. The main difference is that it
concentrates more on searching.")
(license license:gpl3))) ;; KDE e.V.
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