Verified Commit 79196540 authored by Hartmut Goebel's avatar Hartmut Goebel
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TEMP kwin - not sure about the state of this change.

parent 88d29983
......@@ -892,12 +892,19 @@ Wayland")
"/bin/Xwayland" b)))
(add-after 'install 'check
(assoc-ref %standard-phases 'check))
;;(assoc-ref %standard-phases 'check))
(lambda _
(invoke "ctest" ".")))
(add-before 'check 'check-setup
(lambda* (#:key outputs #:allow-other-keys)
(setenv "HOME" (getcwd))
(setenv "XDG_RUNTIME_DIR" "..")
(setenv "DBUS_FATAL_WARNINGS" "0")
;; auprobieren, ob das was bringt:
(setenv "XDG_DATA_DIRS"
(string-append (assoc-ref outputs "out") "/share:"
(getenv "XDG_DATA_DIRS")))
(setenv "QT_PLUGIN_PATH"
(string-append (assoc-ref outputs "out") "/lib/qt5/plugins:"
(getenv "QT_PLUGIN_PATH")))
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