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gnu: Add kscreen.

* gnu/packages/kde-plasma.scm(kscreen): New variable.
parent 060ee996
......@@ -362,6 +362,59 @@ Each of the red, green, and blue components can be adjusted individually, or
all three components can be adjusted together.")
(license license:gpl2+)))
(define-public kscreen
(name "kscreen")
(version "5.13.5")
(method url-fetch)
(uri (string-append "mirror://kde/stable/plasma/" version
"/kscreen-" version ".tar.xz"))
(base32 "0kf1cf88n46b4js7x9r504605v68wp5hwpwid6phvfqdyqrvbb77"))))
(properties `((tags . '("Desktop" "KDE" "Plasma"))))
(build-system cmake-build-system)
(modify-phases %standard-phases
(add-before 'check 'check-setup
(lambda _
(setenv "HOME" (getcwd))
(setenv "DBUS_FATAL_WARNINGS" "0")
;; The test suite requires a running X server.
(system "Xvfb :98 -screen 0 640x480x24 &")
(setenv "DISPLAY" ":98")
`(("extra-cmake-modules" ,extra-cmake-modules)
("xorg-server" ,xorg-server))) ; required for the tests
`(("kauth" ,kauth)
("kconfig" ,kconfig)
("kconfigwidgets" ,kconfigwidgets)
("kcoreaddons" ,kcoreaddons)
("kdbusaddons" ,kdbusaddons)
("kdeclarative" ,kdeclarative)
("kded" ,kded) ;; missing in CMakeList.txt
("kglobalaccel" ,kglobalaccel)
("ki18n" ,ki18n)
("kiconthemes" ,kiconthemes)
("kwidgetsaddons" ,kwidgetsaddons)
("kxmlgui" ,kxmlgui)
("libkscreen" ,libkscreen)
("qtbase" ,qtbase)
("qtdeclarative" ,qtdeclarative)))
(home-page "")
(synopsis "KDE monitor hotplug and screen handling")
(description "The KDE multiple monitor support is trying to be as smart as
possible adapting the behavior of it to each use case making the configuration
of monitors as simple as plugging them to your computer.
This package contains the modules and plugins for monitor hot-plugging and
automatic screen handling.")
(license license:lgpl2.1+)))
(define-public kscreenlocker
(name "kscreenlocker")
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