Commit 1710be2d authored by Frank Scholz's avatar Frank Scholz
Browse files

if the MS wasn't ready on the first browse, react on its SystemUpdateID event

parent 2a6215c2
......@@ -173,6 +173,13 @@ class MediaRenderer(object):
print, 'changed from', variable.old_value, 'to', variable.value
if variable.old_value == '':
if == 'SystemUpdateID':
if self.client.has_key(usn) == True:
if len(self.images) == 0:
d = self.client[usn].content_directory.browse(0, browse_flag='BrowseDirectChildren',
d.addCallback( self.process_media_server_browse, usn)
if == 'ContainerUpdateIDs':
changes = variable.value.split(',')
while len(changes) > 1:
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